The Last days

Christian Struggle

A Christian children’s book author, Matthew Turner, just proclaimed he is gay on social media. He is now going to divorce his wife and “embrace freedom, hope, and God as a gay man.”
I note this not because of the gay issue, but because of an overwhelming trend in the Church. Read More...

Is the End Here?

At the turn of the millennium, the world was looking like a pretty safe place… but that has all changed. The Cold-War uncertainties that advanced with the communist threat are reproduced now under a threat by fundamentalist Islamics. Just as the '70s made culture ripe to look for the soon return of Christ, so we do now. How do we deal with our anticipation of the End while making long term plans in case the End is a long time coming?

The End is Near!?

National moral decline and international upheaval lead many to anticipate Christ's soon return. But will we be found going about our Father's business? Are we even training our children to be about His business? Read More...