Secular Schools

Public Schools Are Religious!

I just wrote a letter to a law firm asking for help with a case. I believe the public schools represent the functional religion (a worldview that functions as a religion in people's lives) of secularism, and I want to bring suit against the board of education. My letter, which is really more of a rationale, is intended more to get people thinking than to get a positive response. Our system of justice needs to warm up to the issue before this case will go anywhere… Read More...

Religious vs. Secular

Searching the web for discussions defining the difference between Religious and Secular beliefs, I found many crazy comments. One (the "Best Answer" of the discussion) simply stated that religious beliefs were based on efforts to please God or to avoid sin. Whereas secular beliefs were based on rational human experiences. This demanded my reply! Read More...

Are Public Schools Religious?

While I was responding to a post on Diane Ravitch's blog, another commenter suggested that public money should never support religious schools and that I should stick with the idea of privately funded religious schools. My response? I suggested that public schools are religious. Here's how it goes: Read More...

Teachers' Unions for School Choice?

Teachers unions generally oppose schools choice. Their power to shape public education decisions is widely opposed by the “Choice” movement, but can the opposition be made stronger. I believe it can in ways that will benefit both teachers and children!