Church & State

Religious Liberties and Non-Traditional Religions

Religious liberties are falling victim to non-traditional religions. Here is one attempt: Read More...

Religious vs. Secular

Searching the web for discussions defining the difference between Religious and Secular beliefs, I found many crazy comments. One (the "Best Answer" of the discussion) simply stated that religious beliefs were based on efforts to please God or to avoid sin. Whereas secular beliefs were based on rational human experiences. This demanded my reply! Read More...

Religion: Good for You?

Ever have students ask what the benefits of being religious are? Or do you need a good “scientific” response for your atheist friend who believes religion is a blight on the world?  Here is one answer given at a Baylor conference presented by the Institute for the Study of Religion (ISR)

Too Much Religion?

Religious schools are often feared for promoting "too much religion." But is that a bad thing? Read More...

Outlaw "Contempt of Religions"?

Muslim scholars are petitioning the UN to outlaw “contempt of religion.” Does this further the American ideals of liberty of conscience, religious freedoms, and human rights? I ague: NO. Read More...

What the Police Can and Can't Do

Where do we find the resources to combat crime? Read More...