Christian Struggle

A Christian children’s book author, Matthew Turner, just proclaimed he is gay on social media. He is now going to divorce his wife and “embrace freedom, hope, and God as a gay man.”
I note this not because of the gay issue, but because of an overwhelming trend in the Church.
Many Christians have come to believe that God’s highest desire for them is happiness and that deep struggles or pain are opposed to His best. Wrong!!!
Talk to Adam…. Talk to Job, Paul, Peter, Bonhoeffer, or my mom. God has literally blessed us with struggles to help us grow and make us strong in faith. Often in unique ways, we all struggle against things that are wrong (gluttony, homosexuality, envy, pride), things that are “natural” (sickness, aging, accidents), and even to do that which is right (caring for the hurting, parenting, building a good and just society, taking the gospel to distant lands).
Today, the culture is giving into ungodliness largely because the Church has not embraced a gospel that includes struggles and uncomfortableness. Growth and maturity have always required sacrifices of free-time, leisure, money, effort and even physical pain.
Sin is “soooo” enticing and acceptable, our nation is in upheaval, and the Great Commission is still our call. What a great time to embrace our opportunities to grow strong as we love God and our neighbors!
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