Whats Right About Choice

I just saw an article in the Houston Chronicle by Heidi Cruz about how Texas' public school children have been less prepared for Corona Virus school at home orders because online charter schools have been limited to only 6 of the states 1,254 districts. She argued that online schooling would have been more developed had more online charters been allowed. It was a simple argument, but virtually all the responses were to oppose school choice! I added my response as follows:
"Most comments here seem to be a rehearsed effort to slam School Choice. Reasons are typical - School Choice hurts low income children and the public schools. Really?? The best, most holistic education for children can NOT be delivered by state run public schools. This is because a truly good education is not merely "secular" or generic information. Rather, a truly good education is morally, philosophically, and academically rich. Church/state law prohibits public schools from anything but shallow stances on morality and life meaning. This serves to limit academic achievement by reducing curricular meaning and student motivation. So, in reality, public schools hurt children, and thus Texans should not keep families (and teachers) trapped in the secular school system through biased funding. We need to help all families to attend schools that nurture the rich and holistic growth of their children - schools that the parents choose!"
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