Reasons for the Seasons

Though I don’t miss cheesy plastic Creche’ sets, I still wonder why there is so little outcry from Christians at the failure of stores to provide meaningful seasonal ornaments. Perhaps, political correctness scares large stores, but this shouldn’t stop Christian entrepreneurs.

So close on the heels of “Halloween” that it makes one trip, Christmas is already “for sale” in stores. Though the sale of holiday merchandise is obviously a service to each of us, it is EXTREMELY important that we, as Christians, do not let the market place shape our holiday celebrations.

I am grieved that we seem to have given stores the lead role in many of our Christian celebrations. They are out to make money, not a bad thing, but too few market leaders let their Christian faith rise above their secular “business sense.” Stores are turning every holiday into a celebration where “buying” is central. Who ever heard of an Easter basket full of toys until a few years ago? And have you attempted to find “Christian” yard ornaments at Christmas?

Normally, the market provides what people want, but cultural philosophic trends can interfere with this. “Green” items are stocked (to promote a reputation in some circles) though the majority of shoppers could likely care less; so with religious items. The shift of our market culture away from religious themes as divisive has depleted the stock of Christian symbols. To find anything more meaningful than a “star” at Walmart or Target to place in one’s yard is unusual.

Personally, I believe the “demand” for quality Christian holiday ornaments still exists. Perhaps the “cheesy” plastic figurines of the late twentieth century put a damper on our interests, but I believe that there is still a huge entrepreneurial opportunity to produce meaningful ornamentation. After all, most of us desire our holidays to reflect more than inflateable Santa Clauses, Easter bunnies, and turkey dinners. We can even stretch the box… You, entrepreneur! Why not produce art and decorations that promote reflection on selfless commitment, liberty, and the protection of family for Veterans Day, dependence on God and gratitude for Easter, commitment to family provision for Labor Day, etc.

The qualities of the seasons are not just good for the private reflection of Christians, but they are good for all of society. Lets “take to the lawns” this Christmas and help passers-by to reflect for a moment on the true meaning of the season.

PS If you are the entrepreneur who fills this market niche, remember where you got the idea! How about a store chain called “Holiday Meaning”? You could even market many of your products through Christian schools (and why not home schools) as fund-raising opportunities. This interests me more than buying wrapping paper or chocolates! Just keep your eyes on serving others and glorifying God.
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