President or Dictator?

I had a weird dream last night. It was violent and bloody (and I'm sure you would like details), but it made me think about governmental power. Over the past four years, many have feared Trump would take on dictatorial powers.

Surely, virtually EVERY person who defeats all competitors to become the U.S. president is tough, callous, egotistical (likely narcissistic), and driven to attain power. But is this bad?
Hopefully, we vote for people with balancing qualities, but the the election ordeal serves as a filter to remove "softer" people. The Presidency requires leaders who can withstand the national and international pressures of responsibility, intimidation, and uncertainty. Any candidate that presents themselves as merely warm and caring is just manipulating their audience. Without an iron core, every president will be broken by the job.
So how do we control these powerful people? The Constitution. A marvel of insight, genius, and revelation, it was written to provide ways for powerful people to act, while restraining those actions by creating opposing forces and Constitutional limits.
Has Trump been out of Constitutional control? If so, he would not have bowed to the opinions of so many laws and federal judges. Many don't like what he does, but by acting within the Constitution, he has proven that presidential power - not dictatorial power - is all he seeks.
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