Prejudice isn't All!

The net has been hot with comments about the white private school founder and principal who lost her cool when she closed the graduation ceremony before the Valedictorian gave the final address. Perhaps the short story should stand as it is… but hopefully, the story will continue with reflection upon the forces that pushed the principal over her "brink."
Having listened to and read of her efforts to regain control, her blundering rant, and her apology, then inferring much from her background and educational endeavors, I hope this principal may not be as racist as she presented herself to be. After all, she started a school specifically for kids who were unsuccessful in the public schools. Hopefully, this reflects that there is a heart of compassion somewhere behind her misguided words. Regardless, she will have to live in the shadow of her "moment of fame."

Though the "big story" is her words, there is a smaller story that will hopefully be discussed among parents.
It is good that blacks (and others) "shamelessly" walked out after being slammed, but lets also discuss the disrespect of those students (black, white, and other) who continued to walk out when the mistake was found and they were initially called back. Just as society can crumble from racial prejudice, it can crumble from disrespect toward classmates being honored to give a speech and disrespect toward "those in authority".
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