Praise for Public Education

The Center for Public Education credits our public schools with success of America. I'm not so certain!…
In concluding a page entitled "An American imperative: Public education", they write:

"Our nation has led the world for more than 100 years because of the character of its people—and, increasingly, because of what they know. Throughout the 20th century, nearly 90 percent of the American people were educated in our nation’s public schools. Public education has provided a successful place for learning. It has been the foundation of our economy and the very foundation of our society. 
History tells us that America succeeded not in spite of public education, but because of it. If the 20th century was America’s century, it was in no small part because it was public education’s century."

Though I applaud the millions of teachers and administrators who have given so much to the children of our nation, they have worked within a system that has constrained their efforts. Resnick's praise of public education is with great overreach. America has been in decline for several generations as our public system limits the moral, philosophic and even academic development of children under the constraints of secular philosophy and law. America has been in decline internally as human character declined and economically as debt continues to increase.
It is time to re-think America's public education system - not just sentimentally praise it!
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