The Next U.S. President and His Educational Agenda

What will the next president do regarding public education? Continue to standardize it under bureaurocratic control or allow it to diversify under parent discernment?

What should President _______________’s education agenda be? A big part of me would like to see the federal influence over education eliminated. State education bureaucracies provide little enough opportunity for parents to shape their child’s public education, and federal manipulations are virtually untouchable! But perhaps, rather than just “leaving education to the states,” the next president could take on a role to help deliver more education authority to parents within their states. Perhaps he/she could help legitimate religious education and the well documented responsibilities parents demonstrate when they take control of their child’s education...

I fear political leaders who use their power to shape everyone’s education according to their view of “what is best.” But political leaders who uses their power to restore parental educational authority... that’s something worth considering!

Do we have any takers?
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