A Worthy Life

Memorial Day was a week ago. Together, my family watched Tora, Tora, Tora, but days later, I felt it was time for my son (16) to watch Saving Private Ryan. Long ago, I determined to not watch movies (or allow my children to watch movies) with graphic violence unless they were highly significant and meaningful. And then to withhold them until my children could benefit from them. I found Private Ryan to be one of those movies.
I watched the movie the first time on video cassette several years after it came out. I hardly slept that night as I pondered the meaning of the movie. As I remember, the tape hadn't been re-wound all the way which made the beginning confusing, and I didn't catch all the audio. Anyway, I've told many people it was a great movie to watch to see the horrors of war with a focus on the impact it has on individuals and families - that war is not glorious.

In watching it last week with my son, I found I missed it! The impact on families was a stepping stone to a greater message that is relevant to every one of us. Time after time Steven Spielberg's soldiers question whether the person and the cause they are fighting for is worthy of their sacrifice. He graphically shows us the price they and their families paid for our liberties. He shows us that "how" we live matters to those who are giving their lives "that" we may live. But Spielberg didn't end with a statement, he ended with a
very serious challenge…

"Am I living a life worthy of their sacrifice?"

This makes a valuable reflection for Memorial Day. It makes an even more important reflection for the daily life of every Christian who lives free both now and forever…

"Am I living a life worthy of His sacrifice?"

Are You?
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