A Christian Education? What?

What on earth is a Christian education? Is it as generic as a sandwich? Just slap some information stuff between a beginning and ending prayer and wa-lah???
Today, I sent the following letter out to about 20 education leaders asking them what they thought defined a Christian education. I'll post their compiled responses when they come in.

In the mean time, what are your thoughts??? Post them below.

"Dear Christian Education Leader,

Representing your perspective and wisdom, would you be able to contribute to this project I'm working on? Thank you! -

I have found that few Christians seem to have much of an understanding of the primary qualities of a Christian education (home or classroom). In other words, few people have a clear understanding of the Biblical instructions and principles regarding the education of children. Rather, most have reduced the “education day” to the teaching of general and specific “secular” information needed for a professional and civic life.

Without convictions based on understanding, few Christian families expect anything more of the education day.

Thus, I am writing a one page, bullet-pointed paper that defines the key qualities of a Christian education in common English. This “paper” could then be used:
To help pastors and parents understand the value of and distinctives of Christian education;
In existing home, co-op and classroom schools to evaluate and improve the Christian education they provide; and
To inspire the Body of Christ to recapture the field of “education” as a primary mission of the Church.
** Would you, as one who has deeply reflected on Christian education, please contribute to this “paper"? Would you send me what you believe are defining concerns of a Christian Education? Perhaps you already have a “link” or reference to a clear and concise articulation of a Christian education that you could forward. Also, send me names of any other “experts” that should be surveyed for this document.

My goal is to combine the understanding of many Christians as to the “ideals” of a Christian education, distribute them, and then leave it up to parents and teachers to prayerfully figure out how to impart them within the diverse educational situations they face - whether in the home, co-op, or classroom.

Craig S. Engelhardt, Ph.D.
Society for the Advancement of Christian Education (SACE)"
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