Support the Work!

SACE membership dues are low while SACE vision is high!

Financial resources are needed to:
* teach parents, pastors, and community leaders about the value of Christian schooling.
* help prepare future Christian school teachers by starting "Christian School Society" branches on
secular college campuses.
* inspire gifted Christians in the business sector to engage in the process and discussion associated with multiplying Christian schools to meet the parent (market) demand religious school choice will bring.
* influence legislators to understand the particular needs and values associated with religious schooling so that healthy plural education systems can be established in our communities.

Please consider donating financially to this work. As SACE's founder and director, I am committed to  seeing the mission of SACE prosper.  Though SACE is not tax deductible,* its purpose for existing is not to "make a profit." Financial records can be requested by members who desire to verify that their donations are wisely and conscientiously used toward the Society’s mission.

Contributions for the support and expansion of the ministry can be made by Credit Card, Paypal or Check.

Checks can be made out to:

Contact us for a mailing address.

* With future development, SACE will likely become a federally recognized "non-profit" organization - as long as legal and bureaucratic requirements do not pose a hinderance to SACE's mission.