Philosophic Trends

A Worthy Life

Memorial Day was a week ago. Together, my family watched Tora, Tora, Tora, but days later, I felt it was time for my son (16) to watch Saving Private Ryan. Long ago, I determined to not watch movies (or allow my children to watch movies) with graphic violence unless they were highly significant and meaningful. And then to withhold them until my children could benefit from them. I found Private Ryan to be one of those movies. Read More...

Good and Angry

I go through life analyzing situations to understand the good and the bad of things. With the bad, my first (and often my driving response) is anger… Is this good? Last night I reflected on the actions of an unjust principal… Read More...

Praise for Public Education

The Center for Public Education credits our public schools with success of America. I'm not so certain!… Read More...

Reason or Trust?

We all want to be reasonable, but is this a realistic goal? I argue that trust is an equal (if underrated) social value. Read More...

Philosophic Liberalism's Underming of Education

Liberal education philosophy continues to support secular schooling. However, I believe evidence for this support is weak or nonexistent. Children and society are benefitted when the wisdom of those who care for them shapes their school day.